Ergonomics for the Workplace .

Virtual DSE Assessment for Employers.

We help employer to ensure a safe working environment for their employees, while maintaining a high level of productivity.

DSE Assessments Are A Legal Obligation For All Empoyers!

At Tommy Gallagher Injury Management we understand your needs as an employer to ensure that the well-being and health of your employees is of the highest standard.

With over 15 years’ experience dealing with work place related injuries, we are best placed to help you and your employees find the best solutions in a time, and cost effective manner. A lot of injuries are as a direct of desk seated posture in the workplace, primarily in the neck, shoulder and low back regions. Many of these injuries are preventable, which would save companies millions in ‘sick’ pay every year. As you probably already know, employers are legally obliged to provide a DSE assessment to all their employees

Traditional Ergonomic assessments tend to be built around the work station and rarely take into account the physical capabilities of the person.

Our online Ergonomic Screening not only looks at the work station, but also at how the person operates, moves, sits, and stands. We look at what inherent weaknesses are in each individual and address the limitations that are likely to cause pain in the future. Our holistic interventions look at long term improvement and aim to educate the person in ways to alleviate symptoms permanently.

We are unique in that our screening is person-centred. We look at past history as a predictor of future injury. We analyse each person individually and test them to see what physical forces their bodies are capable of tolerating. 

In this way we see much higher rates of compliance among employees when it comes to taking personal responsibility to improving their work situation. When they have an understanding as to not only what has caused the pain in the first place, but also the everyday things that they can do to help their situation, we have found that employees WANT to do what is necessary to improve their situation.  

Importantly, this also means that a lot of the furniture and equipment already being used does not need to be changed, again saving employers thousands of euro in extra expenditure. 

our Virtual Assessment

How it Helps Employers.

1. Fulfil Your Legal Obligation

Employers are obligated to provide a DSE assessment to all their employees.

2. Decrese 'sick’ days

Due to soft tissue injuries and pain as a result of poor posture and inefficient ergonomics in the work place

3. Wellbeing

Encourage your team by supporting their physical wellbeing and individual needs.

4. Increase Productivity

Create a work environment where employees are comfortable and low risk from injury and in-turn, increase their productivity.

5. A healthier, fitter, workforce

Encourage an environment of active participation in activities both in and outside of the workplace, creating a healthier, fitter, workforce.

6. Teamwork

Encourage an ethos where employees work as a team to support each other as a healthier and fitter group supported by YOU their employers

How it Helps Employees.

1. Reduce Work-place related injuries

Support employees on their best ergonomic position which will dramatically reduce the risk of picking up a workplace related injury especially now with remote working.

2. Advise & Guidance

Advice on existing or previous injuries and guidance on how best to deal with them.

3. A Healthier Working environment

Create an environment where a healthier lifestyle is encouraged.

4. Education

Educate on early interventions which will support employees on avoiding work related injuries

5. A healthier, fitter, workforce

Encourage an environment of active participation in activities both in and outside of the workplace, creating a healthier, fitter, workforce.

6. Get Fitter

Advice and support on ways that getting fitter, improving diet and reducing stress will increase productivity in their daily lives


How it Works.


Power Over Pain Programme.

Following on from each assessment we have created a programme called 'Power Over Pain' that will support individuals achieve maximum results in their day to day approach to existing or future exposure to injury. 

Delivered virtually, this programme is the same as what we deliver to individuals, athletes, and corporate groups, in our clinic on a daily basis. 

Common Questions...

Our assessment will look at what furniture you currently have and how it works for you. Our purpose is not necessarily to recommend new furniture, but rather look at what you can do to make what you have work better for you. That is why our assessment not only looks at your workstation and environment, but also how you function and where your physical strengths and weaknesses are. If we feel that you will benefit from an exercise programme, we will guide you through that process.

All our assessments are carried out remotely. We only need to see your workstation, through a video consultation, preferably through a device that is separate from your workstation such as a tablet, laptop or phone.

Our goal is to help people maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle in their home office/working environment, or anywhere else they work from by removing the risk of injury. By providing evidence-based assessments to the home working community, we are aware of the injuries that can occur in any environment and can help you to prevent them.

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